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If we were told the truth, we would have never agreed to buy a timeshare from Villa del Palmar Flamingos in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico.

We own several timeshares and love to vacation in Mexico. We were at Villa del Palmar Flamingos in Nuevo Vallarta in April 2008. We were approached for the timeshare sales; we went to get the “discounts” and made it clear from the beginning that we were not interested because we already owned enough timeshares. The two sales people we dealt with were Jimmy Munoz and Alberto Garcia. To make a LONG story short, we were told they would sell our existing timeshare if we purchased one of theirs. They wanted to sell us a studio unit, summer season. We told them we would never use or trade a studio because it is too small for our family. They said, “of course you won’t use it, that is why you rent it and make 2 or 3 times your maintenance fees”. They explained we would get a letter setting forth our maintenance fees with an option to check the box that said, “rent it”. Thereafter, they would rent it and we would get the money. Furthermore, if we ever wanted to vacation there, we would be Gold members of Universal Vacation Club and could reserve and pay for whatever size unit we wanted. They knew we wanted a 2 bedroom or larger, and said we would just reserve one and pay for the use of it at our special discounted rate. (After returning to the states, I called to see if we could reserve a 2 bedroom unit for a future vacation and was told we could only do that 60 days in advance. This is not what we were told, we were told that we belonged to a fractional ownership club and would have access to different size units as long as we paid the discounted rental fee. We were never told that we could only do that 60 days in advance. Again, one more reason that the studio is something we will never use.)

So, now that we believed they were going to buy our existing timeshare, we could rent the timeshare we were going to purchase and we would have access to units of all different sizes as long as we paid the rental fee, we were ready to work out the details. We worked out how much we would pay and how much they would buy our timeshare for. We expected to walk away with a check from them because our timeshare was worth far more than the one we were buying. When we thought the deal was done, they informed us that we had to buy theirs first and in a separate deal they would sell ours. After more discussion, they convinced us that buying their timeshare was a good deal because we could rent it out, reserve units of different sizes during the time of year we liked to vacation, etc. They told us we would meet in the morning to sign the contract to sell our timeshare. They lowered the price of their timeshare and in return, we agreed to pay them more commission on selling ours. We thought that was good because it gave them more incentive to get ours sold. They also promised that if it didn’t sell in one year, they would buy our timeshare at the agreed price. Just before we went to the “closing” room, they told us that we could not tell anyone that we were purchasing the Villa del Palmar timeshare solely because they promised to sell our existing timeshare. In fact, we couldn’t even talk about the fact that we had an agreement for them to sell our existing timeshare. That made me nervous, but “they do it all the time, don’t worry, we will take care of you”.

The next morning, we met for breakfast and we signed an agreement for them to sell our timeshare or buy it out in 12 months. When we asked for a copy of the agreement, they said they “couldn’t make a copy now, but we would receive a copy along with other paperwork in the mail in 30 days”.

Needless to say, 30 days passed and no paperwork in the mail. However we did get the maintenance fee statement and when I called to find out how we could rent it, I was told that we couldn’t because that request had to be made a year in advance. So, now we are paying maintenance fees on a unit we will never use or trade because it is too small for our family.

I started e-mailing the sales people from Villa del Palmar in July with questions as to when they were going to contact us to sell our timeshare. About 2 weeks ago I finally got a call from someone from Regal Resales and Rentals. The lady told me that my salesperson had asked her to call me and that since I was referred to her, she would not charge me the large commissions and give me the corporate deal, so I only had to pay her $661 to list my timeshare for sale with them. When I explained that I was not supposed to have to pay her because that that was not part of my deal and my sales person said he was going to take a commission, she said there was no other way to do it. When I asked her about the 12 month guarantee to sell my timeshare, she didn’t know what I was talking about.

There are some honest timeshares in Mexico. This obviously isn’t one of them.

Kelly and Jeff Shafer

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Boy do these poeple really know how to work us over. After reading alot of these comments, the same happened to my wife & I... How do we get out of this????

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In 2006, my husband and I took our family to Peurto Vallarda for Christmas using our Mayan timeshare we owned. We went to the Villa Resorts presentation for the discounted items. Told them we were not interested in buying since we already were happy with what we had. When we told them who we were with, they used scare tactics to manipulate us. Told us Mayan management was bad and they were going under and we better sell it as quickly as possible before loosing our investment. And they had just the guy to do it! Bobby Rudd charged us $600+/- and our contract was set up that the first payment wouldn't be due for 2 months. Plenty of time for Bobby to get it sold and that money would pay for the Villa Resort.

We put about $5,000 on a credit card as down payment and Bobby took our money and we never heard from him even after many phone calls with plenty of lame excuses. We didn't learn there and spent several more thousands in desperation to sell one or the other. In the end we racked up so much debt that we filed for bankruptcy for the first time in my life. Fortunately we got money together to stop the bankruptcy but not before Mayan took back our paid in full timeshare because we filed bankruptcy BUT Villa Resorts continue a judgement against us now more than the original agreed amount and we never used it and never will. We haven't been able to afford another vacation since. Our credit is so ruined we cannot get anything on credit.

I was hoping to find a class action lawsuit against Villa Del Palmer to join.

:( :( :(


My husband and I had the same experience with salesperson Jimmy Munoz who lied about a lot of things which came our to be not true. Promised to sell our timeshare in Florida (we were referred to Regal who charged us $661 and we never heard back from them despite numerous phone calls).

Now we are stuck with 2 timeshares. It is disgusting that business is a scam in Mexico and i am sure that at some point the truth will come out about these scam artists.


Dear Villa del Palmar Flamingos Owners,

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My husband and I also had similar concerns. We visited Villa Del Palmar in Puerto Vallarta over Christmas 2010 and loved it so much we purchased a membership.

There were some questionable items included in our purchase that led us to this website. But after speaking with the Developer’s Representative we reached an agreeable solution with which we are very happy. Our faith in the Villa Group and their properties has been restored.

We recommend you contact the Developer’s Rep via email (amemberserv@villagroup.com) or by phone (626-389-0627) if you want to get your issue resolved. Our concerns were handled in a prompt and professional manner.


My wife and I are a victim of this exact scam. It has been 3 months since we purchased & promised they would buy our timeshare from another company, but this hasn't been resolve.

Now we are stuck with 2 timeshare. BEWARE OF THIS SCAM!


Dear Members, please note that we respond to and resolve 95% of the issues related to the Villa Group. We have experienced some challenges recently with our US Lines and some member's have had problems contacting me on the previous listed US numbers. Please note that our international lines are always in service and you can reach the Developer Rep's Office at 011-52-322-224-8365. You may also reach me by email at amemberserv@villagroup.com where I will respond to any issues within 48 hrs.


Developer's Representative

Villa Group


Dear Members and interested parties, please note the number to the Developer Representative's Office in Puerto Vallarta has changed. If you have an issue related to the Villa Group and would like for these issues to be address, please contact the Developer's Representative at 619-940-1078 or 1079 (US lines).

Best Regards,

Developer's Representative

Villa Group


In response to the 2008-09-19 posting by Mr. and Mrs. Shafer, this issue has been resolved as of January of 2009 to the members satisfaction.


The same ruthless salesman was Jimmy Munoz. He said that he would give me 14 addtional weeks and he would rent them for me to the "GRINGOS" and send me the money to pay off my loan of $ 14,000.

The only thing is that I could not tell the contract person, who Im sure was in on it. Now im stuck paying for this vacation that Im too pissed to go down there.

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